The Dog Parks

The park looks made to bring your four-legged friend. Every water fountain has a separate dog bowl and faucet at the bottom, and every couple hundred yards is plastic bags to pick up after them. The park has two big fenced in areas to bring your dog and unleash them to meet canine friends, each segmented into two areas for large or small dogs. They don’t discriminate in this park, dogs of any size, even the much-maligned pit bull is welcome. It’s for good reason no one under the age of twelve is allowed in the enclosure, you don’t want your kid being run down in a stampede of German Shepards.

You can find these 3 whole acres set aside for your dog at the north end of the park, just past the Park Road bridge. Dog owners are so ubiquitous in the park that vendors such as King of Pops have started selling dog pops.

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