Personal Narrative Ideas

Going to Europe for a month. I could talk about the different cultures, our luggage getting stolen, falling asleep on a train and ending up in Florence.

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Going to Chicago. Staying out all night and finding out the city stays open 24/7, there being no cops in the city, and getting lost on a hiking trail after dark and getting a ride back with the police.

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The New Orleans trip, attending g the festival, watching some dude get in a fight, another get carried off by medical, another jumping in the wharf, ending up at a nudist colony in Alabama on the way back.

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The Ginnie Springs trip, the creepy scuba cave, almost getting bitten by a snake, the weird people who lived there and got us drunk when we crawled out the spring.

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A couple years ago I went to Costa Rica. I didn’t have my license yet but since they barely have any police and the standard limit was sixty mph I got to speed through the hills. In that country there’s so much food growing it just falls off the trees. We went mango picking and had them for breakfast for the rest of the week. One night we rented gold carts to see the whole peninsula we were staying on and got stuck in the sand at the beach. Which wouldn’t have been terrible, except at night the howler monkeys come out to scavenge for food and started to close in on the carts.

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