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Piedmont Park

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Piedmont Park has a lot of memories for me, I used to live at the Mayfair just a few blocks down from the park. I’d walk there every day and hit the swings, go chase some ducks, and check out the dog park. We’d usually end up eating lunch or dinner at one of the park’s restaurants after a long day of running around. Birmingham Park

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Birmingham Park was just a five-minute drive from my house after I moved out of the city. I’d go there all the time to walk my dog or explore how far the property went. Being an old farm, the park has plenty of hidden barns and trails cut off from the main ones on the map. Every summer someone would put up a makeshift rope swing that takes you over a dry creek bed, and every fall you’d find it broken. The place was so big you’d find something new every day if you walked long enough. Milton Highschool

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The old high school I went to junior and senior year was the most important school I went to before college. It was a big change for me, starting public school after years in private schools. I made more friends there than I could have at the small academies I’d been to and I still have friends from there today, and most friends I have now were met through people I met there.

Kennesaw Mountain

Wills Park

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