Food and the Signature Restaurant

Every Saturday from nine to one in the afternoon, farmers, bakers, chefs, and dietitians come to sell their wares at Piedmont’s Green Market. Located at the west entrance to the park, you can hear the live band for the weekend playing in the center of the market, then the smell of food hits you. Startups and old establishments buy food trucks and carts to advertise their business roll in and set up early in the morning to wake up Piedmont Avenue North East with the smell of a bakery.
Like Central Park has its Tavern on the Green, Piedmont has a restaurant and several surrounding it such as Loca Luna. Park Tavern is an old looming stone building, having originally designed as a horse stable in 1905 since then it’s been a men’s club and a golf course clubhouse. It wasn’t until 1990 that it became a restaurant, it’s name a nod to Tavern on the Green in Central Park, it’s architectural father.

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