Atlanta’s Best Garden

Developed in 1973, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens sits within Piedmont Park. While it is privately owned and didn’t belong to the Piedmont Conservatory, the botanical garden has woven itself into the roads, parking garages, and piedmont grounds. Ticket buyers can walk the six hundred foot long skywalk over the gardens and look down over the park, which is separated only by an iron write fence of stonework. The gardens have attracted eclectic artists over the years, creating the classical themed Holiday Lights each at Christmas time and during the warm seasons exhibits like the hallucinatory Alice and Wonder Land: Imaginary Worlds are set up, with bizarre mirror works, bright colors, and gigantic sets of the book’s characters turned into a sprawling garden. One popular artist Chihuly has his exhibit extended due to popularity, monopolizing the garden for eight months and drawing four hundred and twenty-five thousand visitors, some of which might have never come and visited piedmont park otherwise. Each year more than one hundred and sixty thousand people visit the gardens Holiday Lights exhibit, which is a dazzling array of a million and a half lights and titanic wooden soldiers. Piedmont leverages people’s interest in art and gardening by offering their community garden, an educational center encouraging people to grow their own food naturally. The program has made Piedmont a popular field trip destination, making the park a fond childhood memory for every kid in the surrounding area.

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