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What’s Happening Over There?

For my review, I skimmed through the site first looking for a podcast that interested me, not decided on a subject, and found myself drawn to the involvement of Americans in the Middle East and how our wars and changing regimes have affected people over there. I’d heard stories from a friend who grew up in Baghdad during the war, so I was wondering what people living over there were saying about conditions now. We’ve been in and out of the Middle East since the ’90s, and we’ve had a presence in Iraq and Afghanistan for 16 years. These interviews delve into the lives of people living in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan to paint a picture of how effective or ineffective American reconstruction efforts have been.

Podcast Reviews

I’m From the Private Sector, and I’m Here to Help

The Deepest Darkest Open Secret

I Am Iraq, I Am an Island

Rescue You, Rescue Me

Good Morning, Kafranbel

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have passed through the middle east for war efforts and recovery efforts. These massive migrations of troops throughout the Middle East continues today. The trend does not seem to be pinned down to a particular country, unrest and America’s interest in this region show no end in sight