I’m From the Private Sector and I’m Here to Help

Radio host and producer, Ira Glass, speaks with reporter Nancy Updike on her investigation of private contractors in Iraq. The private contracting firm KBR hires retired military men as security forces in Iraq. While hiring private contractors has been called a cost-saving measure, one security agent related that men who make 1,500 a month in the army get hired by KBR and make 10,000 a month. KBR is a private company funded by the government that essentially promotes retired military men to higher salaries to do the same job, essentially making it a position senior military personnel are promoted to after retiring from service. That being said, the security guard she interviewed often clashed with the military men stationed in Iraq, almost getting in a fight over the soldiers trespassing on KBR land while she was recording, acting like rival tribes fighting over territory, even though they have the same goals. So the relationship between the military and the private companies they contract is messy, to say the least.

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I’m From the Private Sector, and I’m Here to Help

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More American boots have hit the ground than most people understand, the private contracting companies have brought their own small army to Iraq