Good Morning, Kafranbel

Dana Ballout reports on her time in Syria and a local radio station that came under attack from the local militia. The founder of the station, Radio Fresh, was active in the community, creating a clean, free show unlike the crude and taxed military radio stations in Kafranbel. He started a campaign of setting up loudspeakers around the town broadcasting to the military stationed there that his town was not full of terrorists, that their government was lying to them. He also took the risk of accepting money from the US state department and mocking their president Bashar Al Assad. Rahad ran negative stories on local militias and ISIS, even when they broke into the station and shot him. All these risks led to his eventual assassination, and the case was never solved. His radio station continued reporting on the tyranny of the government and terrorist groups after his death. Since this podcast, the situation in Syria has not gotten much better, it looks like things might even escalate further.

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Good Morning, Kafranbel

Radio Fresh became both a radio station and information warfare against the Assad Regime in Syria, talking about government corruption and running skits satirizing the dictator