Reflective Narrative

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This class does a lot to prepare you for communicating ideas and getting your words out to an audience. First, we took on the personal narrative project, and I learned to make a YouTube video for the first time. For the Sense of Place project, I learned what it was like to go out as a reporter and film a location, find people to interview, and make field notes. My place was piedmont park, so I did a lot of walking and learned a lot about a place I grew up going to. For the Podcast Review project, we got to listen to several radio personalities. We heard from a woman who runs her own podcast how to get your own started. I looked at the Middle East and how America has influenced people there in recent years. It was fascinating to hear real accounts from people who had been there working in a war zone, I hadn’t known before how much interesting content is laying around on these podcast sites since I never listen to them.
For the project Rescue Dog Games we worked together as teams to do a story on the journey of adopted dogs to their new family. This taught us how to do collaborate interviews and video work in group settings, like putting together a news report. I saw how the personal narrative project had us learn make and post videos, then the Sense of Place project taught us how to do fieldwork such as creating maps of the place, photo galleries, and interviews. By the time we were working on Rescue Dog Games we had a solid basis for interviewing the family and turning our research into an interactive webpage. At the end of this class, I think we’re all better prepared to set up websites and marketing for a business or self publish art.