About Me

I have a pretty long name, Joseph Patrick Carey Canouse III. I am a junior at Kennesaw, majoring in English. I love writing, creating stories or connecting research and ideas. This is a great place for me to self publish fiction or a current events blog. I have enough material to make atravel blog, I’ve been all over the country this last year attending concerts. When I was in high school I went to Europe twice, staying for a few days in Italy, France, Spain, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Before that, I hadn’t crossed the Atlantic, but I aw Hawaii and the Caribean Islands. That being said, I grew up in Atlanta and I’m still here in Georgia. I’ve worked a couple of different jobs, in marketing, keeping the books of an accounting firm, and I used to drive for Uber. That stopped after running into a number of shady people on the weekends. I would elaborate, but I’d probably need a lawyer before I start sharing Uber stories, weekend nights were the best paying time of the week, but brought out the weirdest people. After school, I’m getting a place in Midtown where I can have a place to myself to write, and/or collapse after work. Oh and when I move I’m planning on getting a dog, but something small that an apartment would allow, maybe a pug?